Death of Pustam Hans (44) at brick kiln and Detention of Some Others

In October, 2015 Pustam Hans and His family went to a brick kiln of R S puli, Badam, Nijamabad, Telengana through the un authorized labour dalaal Deva Suna, Debrimuda, Ps - Lathore, District- Bolangir of taking an advance of Rs.70000/- with his wife Kuntala Hans(40); her three daughter named Ahlya(17), Padma(13), Jamuna(8) and one son named Sobharam (6). Hemant Hans (21) (contact no. 9668856895) one of the sons of Pustam Hans was staying back in their own village Babeghati, GP Jatgarh P.S. Tarbod. Pustam with his sons were asked to work disproportionately to common human ability. For instance they were woken up as early as 2/3 o’clock at night and were asked to work till as late as 9 pm in the evening with a scanty amount of food.                                                                                  As a result, Pustam suddenly felt dizzy on 18/12/2015 while preparing mud for brick making and fell unconscious. After sometime he passed away in the brick kiln. Subsequently his funeral rites were finished near the kiln by the family members and the employer. The brick kiln owner paid some Rs. 10,000/- for the funeral rites but was unwilling to release them. The family members of the deceased were detained in spite of their distressed mental condition and wish to come back home; and are compelled to work till repayment of the advance amount taken.

 On 03/01/2016 chairman PARDA contacted the employer brick kiln owner Srinu, RSpali and Deva suna labour contractor over telephone and asked him to release them. Though, initially he did not pay any heed to the request, after threatening by PARDA to initiate action against him which would lead to closure of his brick kiln on the basis of labor/interstate migration act, he relented and allowed the family members of Pustam to come back paying them Rs. 10,000/-. The five family members reached home on 05/01/2016.

On 06/01/2016 Harikesh Bag (09885986479) requested Shramik Sahayata ebong Paramarsh Kendra, PARDA, Nuapada for release of the detained labourers. He informed that, another 68 persons of 12 families from Babeghati, Jatgarh and Tarbod villages are still working under hostile conditions and many of them are sick and are apprehending fatal consequences. Hence they want to come back but the employer is neither making any arrangement for their treatment nor is willing to release them though PARDA has tried to pressurize him at least to arrange for their treatment.

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