Death case of Jugeswar Sabar

One Jugeswar Sabar(31) of Sabarpada, in Kuliabandha village of Nuapada district underwent an incident of vulnerability while on migration as a brick kiln laborer to Uttar Pradesh. As the series of incidents go; Jugeswar had taken an advance of Rs. 40,000 from agent Bablu Gandhi(Khariar road) in the month of November 2014 and had migrated to one Mahuria Bhatta Brick Kiln, Chanda PS,  Sultanpur district in Uttar Pradesh.

After making around 1lakh 30thousand bricks Jugeswar wanted to finalize his dues and sought leave from the brick kiln owner. Then, as narrated by his wife Nabina, he was taken to a room and was beaten up mercilessly by the employer and his munim. As reported by Nabina she had seen her husband with head injuries and an injured testicle lay bleeding on the floor at night.

On the other hand Jugeswar was found hanging from a tree near the brick kiln office in the morning when the police came. The dead body was ceased and taken to Sultanpur hospital for postmortem. The death was declared to be a case of suicide by the fabricated postmortem report. In spite of the fact that Jugeswar’s wife Nabina was severely sick and also under mental stress, she was forced to put her signature in papers declaring that her husband had committed suicide. Moreover, while she wanted to bring the dead body of her husband along to her village, she was compelled to sign a declaration of her willingness to perform the cremation rights there itself. The dead body was burnt and Nabina was sent away to her village by train. The agent asked her not to disclose his name and offer to pay her Rs.10,000 for the same.

Now the priority of our intervention in this case is to follow it up such that, the victim’s wife and children avail the compensation, death benefit under BoCW claims due. We shall also make arrangement for the continuity of education for the two children left behind by Jugeswar.

Such cases of vulnerability are quite recurrent from time to time. It is inferred from the circumstances that distress migration is persistent because of unavailability of work at source. Moreover such sad incidents occur because the migrant laborers want to come back after a certain period of time whereas the employer wants to detain them longer than the period agreed upon in order to exploit them and extract more work. So, future planning can be designed on the basis of this learning.

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